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Join FrogSlayer.

We are a small, cohesive, high-performance team of software professionals. We're always looking for the top 1% of developers to join us. 

You'll be challenged to quickly master new skills, design practical and intuitve solutions, and approach software as a craft, not just a job. 


Named the #1 Best Small Company to Work for in Texas 

More than just a place to work, FrogSlayer is a place to grow  professionally and personally. We not only create a relaxed and fun environment of learning, we take it one step further by creating a great work community. At any given moment in our office, you’re sure to see FrogSlayers sharing ideas, taking a break to play Xbox, or discussing their next sprint while enjoying some fresh craft beer straight from the tap. 

Big Company Benefits

  • Competitve pay
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurace (employee + spouse + dependents) - 100% employer paid 
  • Long Term & Short Term Disability - 100% employer paid
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Flexible schedule (see ROWE)
  • Paid training and conference days
  • Latest tools, equipment and books
  • Sustainable pace (overtime is extremely rare)
  • Craft beer on tap 
  • Free snacks and sodas 
  • Dress how you want

Results-Only Work Environment

A Results-Only Work Environment, or ROWE, is a strategy where employees are rewarded for results rather than just a presence in the office or how many hours they worked. ROWE has increased schedule flexibility for our people while simultaneously increasing productivity for the entire organization.

Work in a flexible and relaxed environment where people are more worried about creating outcomes instead of playing office politics. Productivity and employee happiness live harmoniously in the world of FrogSlayer.

Small Teams

Great software development requires constant communication between developers, testers, managers and other stakeholders. In order to avoid rework, we believe it is essential to hire people who exhibit strong communication skills and an eagerness to work with others to solve problems. Software development is more than spitting out lines of code. It is the ideas shared between people that produce exceptional software products for our clients.  

FrogSlayer Labs

Everyone is encouraged to spend part of their time working on side projects that interest them. We believe the next big idea in the software world could come from a FrogSlayer, so we make it a point to give our employees the freedom to innovate during downtime between projects. This is how we promote a culture that breeds and sustains industry leaders.

Continuous Improvement

You're never finished learning, especially in our industry. We expect our people to have their finger on the pulse of their respective fields and to develop informed opinions. We encourage everyone to take advantage of educational opportunities. It is not uncommon for a group of FrogSlayers to organize a carpool to events and conferences throughout Texas and even across the country. As the old saying goes, “If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind.”